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FAQ & Resources


Below are the answers to some frequent questions that are posed to me.  Towards the bottom you'll find links to useful PDF files.


Pet Policy (Non-Service Animals)


When considering whether to allow pets in a home I have to take into consideration the owner's directions, HOA guidelines, and the insurance company's policy.  Some of them have a restricted breed list and I don't generally lease to those breeds because of that.  The list should be in the pdf files below.  Generally there will be a pet deposit, and an expectation of professional carpet cleaning needed at move out.  Unless the home is a farm, more than two pets is highly unlikely. 


What we look for in a perspective tenant


In general we look at three main parts of an applicant's application when making a determination to lease a home.  They are income, credit, and references.  Income should be about three times the rent amount.  The credit score should be about 650 or higher and reflect timely payments on your debt.  High debt to income can also be a negative factor.  Your rental history should show a record of paying on time and paying for any damages caused.  For those coming from a recent home sale, your credit report will show a payment history if you had a mortgage.  Personal references are helpful, as we do take into consideration criminal history and general character. Sometimes with mitigation we can live with one of these parts being out of line.  For example, if the tenant is able to provide a co-signer or additional deposits.  These are general qualifications, and they may vary based on the arrangements I've made with the owner of the home.  Some will ask me to set higher standards.


How many roommates can I have?


Our policy for multiple roommates is that it can't take more than two people to meet the income requirements of three times the rent.  Our other concern with multiple roommates, and any tenant for that matter, is the number of vehicles.  The townhomes and condos usually have limited parking, and I try not to make the problem worse.


What should I provide with my application & how long will it take to process?


In order to get credit and background checks I need to have a signed application, the application fee (payable to MH Zoller Co. if not cash), and some sort of proof of income.  Usually a copy of a couple recent paystubs.  The part that almost always takes the longest is your landlord reference.  I usually have trouble getting references from apartments or property managers on weekends.  Therefore expect 1 to 2 business days. 


How do I know the place is mine?


A signed lease and the deposit paid is the only way to know the home is held for you.  Before you can get to that point you must turn in a completed and signed rental application, the application fees, and your proof of income.  At times the rental market can get very competitive and our policy is to take the first qualified applicant to turn in the completed app.  The exception to that would be apps that come in within minutes of each other such as at an open house.  In those instances we will notify all applicants that this has occurred and refund any app fees for those that don't want to risk the selection process.  In instances where simultaneous apps come in that are all qualified we will choose an applicant based on move in date, credit scores and references.