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Managing your rental for the long term.


I was marketing a house for rent at $1495 per month when I received this email, it said "I am willing to pay $1700 a month for two years if willing to work with me due to bad credit...".   If all I was in it for was the short term, this applicant would make me really popular with my client for a few months anyways.  


My goal is to protect your home while collecting a fair rent.  To me a "fair rent" is one that attracts a tenant who will pay on time, and care for your home. It's amazing how quickly damages, extended down times, and frequent turn over can eat into that "extra rent" you're getting by taking the higher risk. 


My other goal is to provide a professional care to the tenants.  This is the side the owners rarely see, but I hear the stories of unresponsive landlords from tenants all the time.  It's been my experience that if I treat my tenants with respect and care, they will reciprocate the same.

Management Services


We offer full service property management as a licensed Real Estate Brokerage, dba Lacamas Property Management LLC  


  • Marketing - Signs, ads, showings

  • Tenant Screening - Credit, Address, Evictions, & Criminal history through Pacific Screening.  Landlord references & employment verification.

  • Lease Paperwork - mold and lead disclosures, condition reports and photos

  • Receive and disburse rents. 

  • Trust account for tenant security deposits

  • Monthly Statements


I'd love to meet in person and talk more about our services!  


Chad Zoller @ 360-901-4074



We are a family run business, and Clark County has always been our home.  


Mark Zoller - Designated Broker

Over 40 years in Real Estate, founded the M.H. Zoller Co. in the early 1980's. Experience in Land developing, Real Estate Sales, General Contractor, Residential & Commercial Appraising.  


Chad Zoller - Broker

Over 24 years as a licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Washington.  Experience as General Contractor, Property Management, and Real Estate Sales.  Career began by selling out a 92 unit townhouse subdivision in Vancouver and managing the rentals held by the M.H. Zoller Co.  Property management experience includes: Apartment Complex, Single Family Homes, Duplexes, & Condominiums.  

Rates and Fees


Our rates are based on multiple factors.  The location and current condition of the property play a large part in the rate.


To get a rate quote please contact me. 


Chad Zoller


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